Paying bills the easy way.
Simple and secure.

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How it works

1. You receive an AcceptEmail

AcceptEmail is a bill you receive on your phone, tablet or PC via email or as a text message. So you don’t need to copy details or pull out a checkbook. From now on paying bills is quick and easy.

2. You pay an AcceptEmail

To pay, just click the payment banner. You can pay using your preferred payment method. You will always see precisely what you’re paying and to whom.

3. You check your AcceptEmail

Once you’ve paid a bill using AcceptEmail, the payment status in the email changes from blue to green. That’s how both you and the sender know you’ve paid. Simple and clear.

Blue-chip companies use AcceptEmail

You can receive AcceptEmails to pay your rent and other bills, including utilities, phone, Internet, childcare, insurance, education, newspaper subscription, taxes and much more.

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What's in it for you?

Less work. Less worry.

With AcceptEmail, you pay in under 30 seconds. No time is wasted copying numbers or codes from paper bills to computer screens – and you don’t need to check and recheck the details. It’s all been filled in for you. And that saves you a lot of hassle.

Never forget about a bill again

Paper bills tend to get lost, but you always have your email with you, in your computer or on your phone. With AcceptEmail, you can always find a bill and pay it.

Bills paid on time. Every time.

Suddenly you realize that you still need to pay that one bill. With AcceptEmail, you pay superfast using email. Even if you've never received one, you will immediately understand how it works.

Know that you've paid

Once you’ve paid an AcceptEmail, the status bar in the email changes from blue to green. That’s how both you and the sender know you’ve paid. It’s that simple!

Simple and secure

AcceptEmail is just like a paper bill, except one you receive in your inbox. It contains no confidential information, so you can just handle it like any other email. And you can make a payment using your bank’s secure online environment or other preferred payment method.

Say goodbye to paper

AcceptEmail saves you piles of paperwork. It’s less effort for you, saves money for the sender - and it’s better for the environment.

Payment term
about to expire?

You pay an AcceptEmail
in under 30 seconds.

Are you a biller?

Do you own or work for a company that sends out a lot of bills? Paying with AcceptEmail is simple and fast. And sending them to your customers is super easy. Implementing offers many advantages – without the need for complex technology. You also gain direct insight into payments, and can structurally lower your costs.

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