Paying bills the easy way.
Safe and sure.

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How it works

1. You receive an AcceptEmail

AcceptEmail is a bill you get on your phone, tablet or PC via email or text message. No more need to copy details or pull out a checkbook. From now on paying bills is quick and easy.

2. You pay an AcceptEmail

To pay, just click the payment banner. You can pay using your preferred payment method. You will always see precisely what you’re paying and to whom.

3. You check your AcceptEmail

Once you’ve paid, the payment status in the email changes from blue to green. That’s how both you and the sender know you’ve paid. Simple and clear.

These companies send AcceptEmails

You can receive AcceptEmails to pay the bills for your rent, utilities, phone, Internet, childcare, insurance, education, newspaper subscription, taxes and much more.

How AcceptEmail benefits you

Less work. Less worry.

AcceptEmail saves you time. A lot of time. You pay an AcceptEmail in under 30 seconds. Imagine paying all your bills that fast. What makes it so quick? All the details have been filled in for you, so you only need to confirm the payment. Pay on the go from your mobile, there’s no need to plan. Less work, less worry.

Never forget about a bill again

We all lose bills. But we never forget where to find our email. Using AcceptEmail means you can pay your bills straight from your inbox on any device. Pay them, file them, forward them, it’s as easy as email.

Bills paid on time. Every time.

AcceptEmail helps you keep track of your bills and payments. What’s more, results show that using AcceptEmail helps you cut down on costly reminders and exhortations. And that saves you money.

Know that you've paid

Do you often worry whether your payment was received? With AcceptEmail you know instantly. Because once you’ve paid, the status banner in the AcceptEmail changes from blue to green in real-time. That’s how both you and the sender know you’ve paid. And once you know, you won’t have to worry.

Simple and secure

We designed AcceptEmail to be simple and secure. Instead of receiving a paper bill on your doormat or having to log into a customer portal, you now receive an email in your inbox. And since you only pay via PayPal or your banks secure online environment, your payment is always private and secure. An AcceptEmail never contains confidential information so you can handle it like any other email.

Say goodbye to paper

No more cluttered desks, no more sifting through envelops, no more logging into yet another customer portal. With AcceptEmail all your bills are conveniently organized in your email. It’s less effort for you, saves money for the sender - and it’s better for the environment. That’s a lot of saving.

I’ve got better things to do
than spending time paying bills.

AcceptEmail is the quick, easy and
secure way to pay bills.

Information for billers

Are you a biller? Sending AcceptEmails to your customers is super easy. Implementing offers many advantages – without the need for complex technology. You also gain direct insight into payments, and can structurally lower your costs by up to 70%.

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