13 June 2017

AcceptEmail and Basware offer enterprises complete solution for bill payments

AcceptEmail and Basware signed a partner agreement enabling enterprises to send out digital payment requests to SMEs and consumers. Consumers receive an Acce...

press release Basware
30 November 2016

Impressions from CIODAY2016

Breakthrough! While few conferences draw a crowd by predicting that things will stay the same, this year’s CIO Day really went all out to hammer home the man...

25 October 2016

Get Paid Quicker, via any messaging channel

Today, whether through our desktop or smartphone, or via social media and chat apps, we are all connected at any time from just about any place. Consumers re...

Social billing
19 October 2016

Email's here to stay

Unlike what some thought leaders claim, email is more prevalent than ever and there are no signs that this will change soon. A study by Adobe shows that 40% ...

29 September 2016

Disrupt Billing, Improve Payments

Prague was an attractive venue for this year's member meeting in Eurogiro. About 100 delegates and speakers from around the world came to talk business, to h...

20 September 2016

AcceptEmail integrated with Salesforce

Salesforce, the most widely used CRM-platform in the world, can now be used to create and send digital bills through a seamless integration with AcceptEmail....

7 September 2016

One-app-for-everything and everything-in-one-app

Peter Kwakernaak, CEO at AcceptEmail, says we only really need one app. ‘One-app-for-everything and everything-in-one-app. And the best part is that everyone...

11 July 2016

PSD2: German regulator rules restriction of e-payment services by banks violates competition law

With PSD2 looming, German regulator Bundeskartellamt has ruled that the country's banking industry is violating competition law by putting up barriers that h...

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17 June 2016

Millennials: willing prey in generations battle

Payment via smartphones, raising capital through crowd funding and sending bills via email: Fintech is usually associated with young people, with Millennials...

The X factor of digitalization
14 June 2016

Our Show and Tell presentation at DIA Barcelona

The videos and photos from DIA Barcelona 2016 are available. Check it out and get inspired by our Keynote and Show and Tell presentation showcased at the fir...

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8 June 2016

More than 96% of all digital bills are paid within 4 weeks

AcceptEmail has a dashboard at your disposal with analyses and reports that encourage immediate action. Through the application, you can continuously track: ...

How to improve conversion
24 May 2016

Peter Kwakernaak: 'Use an extensive billing menu and entice your customers to pay quicker'

AcceptEmail processed over $2 billion in payment requests last year for more than 600 companies that reach 10 million receivers. “This is only the beginning”...

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