Disruptive Innovation in the Insurance Sector

The importance of innovating in the digital space has grown enormously among companies in the insurance sector. Almost everyone we spoke at the Digital Insurance Agenda in Barcelona note it as critically important. Clearly, innovation and building the digital relationship with your customer are hot topics. 

“The most powerful app on your phone to pay and organize your bills is your email inbox.“

To meet today’s need for speeding up innovation in bill payments, without major IT resource requirements or investments in building apps, companies can start using AcceptEmail instantly. After all, when it comes to apps, email is what people are using most often on their mobile. The user-friendly email design contributes to fast and simple payment. Because we make it so easy, people can pay really quick.

Insurance companies can use pay per email and pay per text to handle communications about changes in coverage and payment reminders as well as offers to intermediaries regarding mortgages, insurance, damage and coverage continuation. The service can also be easily deployed in conjunction with its call-center agents’ telephone outreach. Digital bill presentment and payment helps to keep customers up-to-date with their policy payments by making just a few clicks on their mobile devices. The email communicates the latest status in real-time providing offline proof of payment. Insurance companies obtain valuable insight into customers payment behavior.

Apart from streamlining ongoing business in billing and collections, digitalization can boost sales acquisition. Modern insurance companies send out insurance proposals attached to a digital payment request. The customer can accept the offer, pay and has immediate coverage without having to register or log in. 

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Peter Kwakernaak

Peter Kwakernaak


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