Email's here to stay

Unlike what some thought leaders claim, email is more prevalent than ever and there are no signs that this will change soon. A study by Adobe shows that 40% of the companies in the US and Britain prefer email as the main communication channel. 

Although email is the clear winner, sometimes reaching out to customers across multiple channels can be useful. For example, sending a SMS or Whatsapp if an email remains unopened. This will prompt the customer to pay. AcceptEmail simply uses an app that is ubiquitous: the inbox. Whatever inbox that is. For most people that would be email, but it can also be Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp. Because of the reach of email it makes the most sense to use this channel for the bulk of your payment requests. Everyone has an email app on his phone and most customers check their inbox several times a day.


source: Adobe Campaign

Claudia op den Velde

Claudia op den Velde

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