More than 96% of all digital bills are paid within 4 weeks

AcceptEmail has a dashboard at your disposal with analyses and reports that encourage immediate action. Through the application, you can continuously track: have all bills arrived safely, who opened the bills, how many payment attempts have been made and whether payments have been completed. All plotted over time and in the context of these activities. With this information you can take action immediately and take care of matters for your clients when needed.

More and faster payments

By actively monitoring, you can quickly choose a targeted approach in the event a bill isn’t paid on time. Through analysis, patterns can be discovered that help influence payment behaviour. If it looks like a bill isn’t paid on time, send a preminder. This is a reminder email that is sent just before the expiry of the payment term: you can now be sure that your email is at the top of the inbox again and someone can still pay at the last moment. Sending a preminder as a text message (such as SMS) is also possible and ensures that a previously transmitted digital payment request is prioritized. Send a first (friendly) reminder immediately after the expiry date to those who have not responded. This is to prevent that someone has an expired AcceptEmail in his inbox at the moment he wants to pay.

Payment behaviour

Research among our senders teaches us that there are patterns in payment behaviour:

  • With a properly managed address list and an active reminder policy even before the due date, more than 96% of digital payment requests are paid within four weeks.
  • With email the same conversion is achieved compared to sending bills the traditional way, but up to 50% faster and 70% cheaper and with more satisfied customers compared to paper bills.
  • On average, a recipient opens a digital payment request twice before he pays. If an email isn’t paid after opening it 4x, or not opened at all, an active approach through multiple channels makes sense.
  • A reminder via SMS allows for 50% more payments in case of unopened mails. The email was probably sent to a less actively used email address.
  • Most digital payment requests are paid shortly after the initial transmission or the preminder, on the same day!
  • Clear and verifiable communication about what a receiver can expect increases payment chances significantly
  • Customers who still haven’t paid after the last reminder, probably need a different approach. Get these people on the phone and send - even during the telephone call - another payment request by email. Practice shows that the number of (direct) payments using the ‘paying cash on the nail’ approach is much higher than receiving a paper reminder a few days later.

Wish to know more about more and faster payments?

We are happy to help companies with the correct interpretation of data and creating proper analyses. If desired, we can draw up a billing and communication plan in consultation with our customers.

Paul McManus

Paul McManus

UK Country Manager

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