Peter Kwakernaak: 'Use an extensive billing menu and entice your customers to pay quicker'

AcceptEmail processed over $2 billion in payment requests last year for more than 600 companies that reach 10 million receivers. 'This is only the beginning', says Peter Kwakernaak, CEO of AcceptEmail, 'The common denominator in all countries is that the menu for household bill presentment and payment is just too small to satisfy todays customers appetite.'

It’s mostly choosing between paper or a self-service portal / aggregator (red often a bank), neither of which are customer-friendly. People hardly watch their snail mail, and an online portal means you have to fetch your bill yourself after having to go through a dreadful registration. Yet another set of userid and password to remember. Who needs or wants that? The mobile user experience of many websites is bad. Our advice to billers is to create a larger menu and provide choice. Paying bills can be a chore, so make it as easy and customer centric as it can be.'

'Whet your customers’ appetite with an extensive menu to suit whatever they like or better yet want.'

Bigger ambitions

The service is a proven concept in The Netherlands. Now AcceptEmail is gaining traction internationally. In Germany Kȍnigsgruppe was implemented. The UK has partnerships established with Aqualogic and Mastercard. Oversees deals were signed with GB Collects and with new partners Worldpay and Heartland Payment Systems. In Belgium and France a partnership was signed with Worldline and deals were inked with Siemens and Telenet.

Peter Kwakernaak comments: 'It's great to see that our proposition is appreciated by partners in the fintech industry and adopted by innovative organizations in multiple countries. The benefits that Dutch companies experience such as reduced billing & collection costs, speedier payments and increased customer service are available for companies in all countries. We want to make paying bills easy for everybody.' 

Peter Kwakernaak

Peter Kwakernaak


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