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Today, whether through our desktop or smartphone, or via social media and chat apps, we are all connected at any time from just about any place. Consumers require the same from companies they do business with. Questions and complaints should be heard and resolved instantly, via WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter.

Technology has also created a radical shift in consumers’ payment behaviour. We book and pay for flights via Facebook, we access our banking account on our mobile and we use apps for splitting dinner bills and settling wagers with friends. Many of these peer-to-peer payment apps actually come down to the same: consumers generating a payment link that is sent through WhatsApp or another IM solution, text message or email. This method of making payments has coined a new term – social payments. Social payments were initially small and voluntary contributions to an intangible asset on the Internet. Today social payments are used to pay via online platforms in the broadest sense.

With AcceptEmail you can send a payment request through any channel. Not just email.

As the concept of social payments gains increased acceptance it has broadened the opportunity for social billing: whereby businesses send payment requests to customers through various messaging channels. More and more web care teams already use social media and IM apps to answer questions of customers so why not send payment requests through these same messaging channels? It is, after all, what the customer wants.

AcceptEmail’s platform allows billers to send any type of payment request via nearly any messaging channel - like a chameleon AcceptEmails adapt to each recipients preferred device type. AcceptEmail is channel-agnostic and a future-proof investment for any company with a desire to increase digital billing and payment adoption rates.

Bill receipt and the payment experience is a critical component of driving a positive customer experience. Customers want to be in control of how bills are presented and what method through which they complete a payment. Making it easy and providing choice improves payment behaviour and overall customer satisfaction. AcceptEmail supports this level of customer empowerment by leveraging the everyday and ubiquitous use of standard messaging solutions for bill delivery and making the payment process exptremely quick and intuitive with a built-in simplified payment function.

Peter Kwakernaak

Peter Kwakernaak


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