22 April 2015

What's Next In Payments?

Twice in his recent discussion with MPD CEO Karen Webster, Peter Kwakernaak, the CEO of AcceptEmail, compared his company to Apple. Not that he was saying th...

Innovation in bill payment
27 March 2015

Paying bills from Gmail, Outlook or Yahoo with Apple Pay, Paypal or Amazon

Is Google inventing the New Way of Paying Bills from within your email? Well no, not exactly. AcceptEmail allows you to organize and pay bills directly from ...

Paying bills the easy way
13 February 2015

Revolutionize your bill payments the easy way

Viewing bills online via customer portals is not very popular. As a result portal usage is dropping these days instead of rising.

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12 February 2015

Cutting the admin burden

Peter Kwakernaak argues the case for greater use of mobile and email technology to enhance credit management.

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3 December 2014

AcceptEmail authorized by Google for use of Action buttons

Google has whitelisted us for Action buttons in the overview list of both Gmail and Google's new Inbox. Also Amazon, Spotify and Airbnb are authorized by Goo...

About Google Action buttons

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