Digital Billing is a huge money saver.

Switch your paper-based customers to digital bill pay via email and text messaging.

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Have all your KPIs met at once.

Here's how AcceptEmail benefits billers.

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1. Significant savings

Billing & collections processing costs are reduced by up to $2.50 (paper) and $1.00 (online) per item due to lower production costs, less manual process handling, more and quicker payments that always match in the AR system and a significant reduction in inbound calls.

2. Fast Payments

AcceptEmails get paid twice as fast as paper and online bills because they arrive and reside in your customers inbox, which they monitor and manage every day. No registration or login is required, making it easier than ever to pay bills quickly. Fast payments result in lower DSO, less reminders and reduced working capital required for your operations.

3. Happy customers

Higher customer satisfaction results in reduced churn, positive publicity and extended customer retention with increased customer lifetime value.

Mind the digital gap

Struggling to meet your paperless objectives? You can quickly and more cost-effectively migrate a larger percentage of your paper-based customers to easy digital billing and payment via AcceptEmail. That means no registration or login  required. So minimal investment of IT capital and resources and maximum returns.

Optimize your payment mix

Studies have shown that providing a wide range of options to receive and pay bills leads to better payment and collection results. And happier customers. Seven out of ten consumers prefer email over self-service portals to pay bills. With AcceptEmail you can incent your customers to use their preferred payment method while delivering a great user experience. Promoting ACH instead of credit cards can save companies over $2 per payment on a bill of $150.

A large US carrier spent hundreds of millions of dollars on extra credit card charges because customers preferred to pay from their mobile phone. Credit card was the only available mobile payment method. Promoting ACH instead of credit cards saved this company thousands of dollars.

Follow who has received, opened, clicked and paid their bills.

Tracking your customers’ payment behavior allows you to take quick and appropriate actions.

Real-time updates

Real-time imbedded and color coded payment updates are available to you and your customers. You can track the payment status of bills or any type of payment requests in real-time. Billing and servicing personnel can follow and view who has received, opened, clicked and paid their bills. With this insight and information you can make the right billing decisions.

An easy way for more
working capital.

AcceptEmail is making bill payments
frictionless so you get paid faster.

Easy implementation

Implementing our SaaS solution requires minimal to zero modification to your existing billing infrastructure or payments platform. We need the same information you already provide to your bill production team along with the customers’ email and/or mobile phone numbers. We get your customers started on digital billing within 30 days. 

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How AcceptEmail benefits you

Lower cost

Lower bill processing costs up to $ 2.50 per bill.

Real-time insights

Detailed tracking of bill delivery and payment status.

Faster payments

Customers pay two weeks quicker on a 30 day term.

Avoid card fees

Promoting ACH saves over $2 per payment on a bill of $150.

Customer UX

Improved customer experience and satisfaction.

Error free payments

Error free payment details for smooth matching.

Less incoming calls

Fewer incoming service calls about bill payments.


No storage of payment credentials, secure encrypted emailing.



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