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Three hundred and eighty-nine years after Peter Minuit arrived to assume the governorship of New Netherland, the Dutch have returned to Manhattan. “We are going to pay America back for the bargain we got for Manhattan in 1629,” said Peter Kwakernaak, CEO of AcceptEmail, Western Europe’s market leader for electronic consumer remittances.

“We are going to pay America back for the bargain we got for Manhattan in 1629.”

“We figure it will take us about three months.” Paying their bills with AcceptEmail will save people an average of six days’ time each year. That adds up to 700 million days for the whole United States. 700 million days at $142.50 a day – based on median household income – equals $99 trillion. “All of the real estate in New York is now worth about $915 billion. That’s considerably more than the 60 guilders we paid in 1629. But once we get up and running it will take us 108 days to repay the people of America the current value of the property they sold us. It’s the least we can do.”

This time, the payback won’t be in cloth, beads, and trinkets. All that AcceptEmail’s clients need to provide is an email address. Kwakernaak explains “We know that when billers offer customers a choice as to how they receive and pay bills, the majority will go for email. ‘As easy as email’ is our motto.”

Cost Savings for Companies, Convenience for Customers

AcceptEmail simplifies the customer’s experience by doing away with hurdles like registering, logging, retyping bill data, archiving, payment status delay and lack of proof of payment.

AcceptEmail is the market leader for consumer remittances in Western Europe. named the company one of Europe’s 50 Hottest FinTech Companies in 2014 for its smart email and mobile billing solutions. Companies that send AcceptEmails experience up to 50% quicker payments, 70% lower billing and reminder costs, and 20% improved customer satisfaction (net promoter scores).

“On top of reducing overhead and accelerating cash flow for businesses, we make paying bills a less annoying experience for their customers. We believe that the process of payment is an integral part of every customer journey, and we strive to make it as mutually convenient, secure and satisfying as it can be,” said Kwakernaak, a former baseball player, who describes his philosophy and AcceptEmail’s customer-centric approach in a recent interview with

AcceptEmail supports almost all online payment methods, including debit cards, credit cards, wallets, and alternative payment methods. Consumers can get real-time updates right on their bills through the use of Smartpix® technology. In serving the American market, AcceptEmail will initially focus on its sweet spots: Utilities, Telecommunications, Insurance and Consumer Finance. The company is the de facto standard for these industries in the Netherlands, holding a 95% market share. Other sectors where the company expects to win clients are Property Management, Health Care and Credit Cards.

About AcceptEmail

AcceptEmail is the easiest way to receive and pay bills and reminders for consumers and SMEs. Rather than a notification to log in to a biller portal, customers receive real-time payment requests via various messaging solutions: email, mobile, QR code or social media. In a few clicks, bills can be paid directly from the inbox, using online or mobile payment methods. No manual data (re)entry is involved, and the customer does not need to register or log-in. Customers experience more convenience, with fewer steps to take and with real-time updates that show the current status of the bill in the message itself.

AcceptEmail is headquartered in Amsterdam and has offices in Belgium and the UK as well as its new American location at 228 East 45 Street, Suite 9E, New York, NY 10017.

"Our motto is as easy as email."

Peter Kwakernaak

Peter Kwakernaak


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