Millennials & their bills: America's largest consumer market wants it their way

86% of millennials use smart phones, and nearly one-third don't look at their bills before paying them. Half of all millennials don't have a favorite way to pay those bills, and when it comes to remembering due dates, they wing it and hope for the best. 

They're not paying their bills - but it's not because they don't have the money. They're not paying their bills because the online bill pay process is a headache for millennials. Too many logins, too many passwords, too many steps. Too many portals to navigate through and apps to download, all to pay one single bill. It's bad for the carrier - it lengthens an already lengthy bill payment life cycle, and does absolutely nothing to incentivize people to pay on time.

When it comes to millennials and their bill payment habits, you've got to speak their language.

So what's the solution?

AcceptEmail keeps things simple for billers and their customers by leveraging something everyone has and uses daily - email and texting. It's a straightforward, visually compelling payment request embedded in a patented email format with a built-in, single click payment function. No multiple usernames to remember, no multiple passwords to shuffle through, and no portal navigation. Our powerful award winning SaaS bill presentment and payment platform requires zero modifications to existing billing systems and provides a better way to maintain long-term relationships with their customers - namely, millennials. 

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Claudia op den Velde

Claudia op den Velde

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