Satisfy Your Customers with Simplified Payments

By taking away all known hurdles like registering, logging, retyping bill data, archiving, payment status delay and lack of proof of payment, you can simplify bill payments for your customers. With AcceptEmail you can incent your customers to use their preferred payment method while delivering a great user experience. On any device. 

You can send AcceptEmails for any payment request

AcceptEmail enables consumers to pay bills safely and easily via almost any (international) payment method ( banking, PayPal, debit card or credit card). People can pay the rent and other bills, including utilities, phone, Internet, childcare, insurance, education, subscriptions, taxes and more. So, your customers can pay their bills using AcceptEmail, including utilities, phone, Internet, childcare, insurance, education, subscriptions or taxes. But do you realise you can send them any payment request using AcceptEmail? Many of our senders are using AcceptEmail to get post- or upfront payments. Below, we give you some examples:

  • Send an AcceptEmail for your car insurance policy; as soon as the payment is executed you are insured.
  • Send an AcceptEmail to lift a credit blockif you pay this AcceptEmail before 14h, your order is on the truck at 15h.
  • Lift a mobile phone SIM lock upon paying an AcceptEmail
  • You are leaving on vacation tomorrow and want an “assistance” policy; No problem; I am sending you an AcceptEmail now. As soon as you pay you are insured.
  • Pre-payment for a product or service purchased to be delivered later;
  • Pro-active top up AcceptEmails; you are running out of credits for food or for a prepaid phone and you get notified by an AcceptEmail
  • Upsell; you sell travel insurance policies and you offer the possibility to expand your coverage with the new recurring bills via AcceptEmail. 

Are you in the process of vetting a bill pay solution right now? Or do you already send AcceptEmails - what do you use it for? Tweet to us @AcceptEmail

Luc Vanhecke

Luc Vanhecke

Country manager Belgium

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