Your Most Horrifying Billing Stories

Americans now spend six days per year paying their bills. Precious time when they would rather do beautiful, meaningful things - hang out with the kids, go to the park, read the classics, or run hundreds of miles. Wouldn’t your customers love it if you could give those six days back to them? We asked some people for their billing horror stories and what they’d do if they got that time back. Here's 28-year-old Victoria who wants more quality time with her boyfriend. 

AcceptEmail simplifies lives

AcceptEmail keeps things simple for billers and their customers. We harness the power and universal appeal of email. It’s the best way to fill the gap between paper bills and self-service, online payment portals. Everybody relies on email.

AcceptEmail creates a straightforward, visually compelling payment request embedded in a patented email format. There’s a built-in, single-click payment function and dynamic color coding to indicate payment status. AcceptEmail’s powerful award-winning SaaS bill presentment and payment platformrequires zero modifications to existing billing systems. It’s exactly what billers need to engage and maintain long-term relationships with their customers – especially the tech-savvy, highly mobile millennials.

If you place a high priority on customer satisfaction, why not make it easy on them to receive bills and make payments – so they can then go out and do the things that they really love. They’ll never be telling billing horror stories about you!

Claudia op den Velde

Claudia op den Velde

Marketing & Communicatie

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