• ? What is an acceptemail?

    An acceptemail is a simple way of paying bills by email, sms, whatsapp or social media – so you can easily pay your rent, utilities, phone bill and much more. You always receive an acceptemail directly from the beneficiary, so it is clear who sent the email and to whom you’re paying which amount. You decide when you pay, and the payment status color shows if you’ve paid or not. It’s easy, simple – and good for the environment. 

  • ? How secure is it?

    Very. The only thing another person can do with your acceptemail is pay your bill. Companies that send acceptemails usually inform their customers beforehand. It does not contain payment details – and you will not be asked to provide any confidential information. During the payment process, you can always clearly see what amount you’re paying to whom. The payment will always run through a secure online environment. Just like you’re used to. For added security, acceptemails are signed digitally, and the content of the email remains encrypted until it reaches your inbox. This means the email you receive cannot be tampered with.

  • ? Can I forward it for someone else to pay?

    Yes, you can forward an acceptemail (showing the current payment status) just like any other email. It cannot be paid twice. If anyone pays, the payment changes to green or “paid”, even in forwarded emails.

  • ? What if I delete an acceptemail from my inbox?

    Contact the company that sent the acceptemail, and ask them to send it again.

  • ? What happens to my personal information?

    Your personal information will be stored in accordance with our strict privacy rules. AcceptEasy only uses this information for the service itself, and for the statistical analysis of this service.


  • ? How can I pay an acceptemail?

    To pay, you simply click the payment button. Upon clicking you land on the secured transaction page and choose your preferred payment method. All necessary information is already filled out for your convenience. All you need to do is confirm. Payment can be done simply and safely via online banking, PayPal, credit card or debit card. Your supplier provides the set of payment methods you can use. 

  • ? I've received an acceptemail, but I can’t view it. What should I do?

    If you can’t see any images, please check the security settings on your email program. You may need to change these settings to allow images to be shown automatically. Google has designated AcceptEasy as Trusted Sender. This means that most email programs will automatically show any images contained in the email.

  • ? I've just paid, but the acceptemail does not show this yet. Why is that?

    After you've paid, the acceptemail shows the new payment status immediately. To view this, open the email again or refresh your inbox. This way, you always know the current status of your payment.

  • ? I've a question about my bill. Who do I contact?

    If you have a question about a specific amount to be paid, or why you received an acceptemail, please contact the company that sent you the acceptemail. Because all acceptemails are sent directly by the sender, you can contact them by simply replying to the email. For questions about technical aspects of AcceptEasy, feel free to contact us.

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